Is breaking the tablet can cause side effect?

 Many people break tablets in half before swallowing due to having trouble in swallowing big tablets, They are deciding the dosage on their own to save money on medications or for some silly reasons.

Some tablets have extremely heavy chemicals which will damage the layers of stomach and small intestine while passing, so they are coated with some specific polymers. These are labelled as entry coated tablets. Splitting this entry coated tablets will damage this polymer coating which will lead to damages on stomach and intestine, causing severe digestion issues.

Some tablets are labeled as sustain relief tablets, which means the chemicals in tablets is to be slowly released into the blood.

If this tablets are splitted up before swallowing, then this may lead to rapid absorption in the blood which may cause breathing issues and increase in blood pressure.

In Infants and children prescribing dosages is very hard, even for doctors as their body growth and function keeps changing. Splitting the tablet would alter the dose and potency and will have adverse effects on children. So parents should be extra careful and it's wise to consult with a doctor

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